The fundamental need for robust and reliable equipment is often the driving force behind many of the requests we have received.

Much of the work we have undertaken in this industry sector has centered on improving sealing performance and reliability of equipment.

Requirements such as a reduction in friction and “stick-slip” for precision vision or sighting equipment, resistance of equipment to the ingress of dirt and water or the need for High Strength Compact Drive Shaft CV Boots for All-Terrain Combat Vehicles… Race-Tec will strive to find the solutions you need.

In addition to our broad range of engineering skills, we also aim to provide the following support;

  • Total Project Management
  • Confidentiality
  • Component Testing
  • Performance Optimisation
  • On site Assistance
  • Reliability Assessment

To find out more about how we can help you, please call us on +44(0) 1278 686 823, alternatively leave us a message using our contact form

Reasons to work with Race-Tec

Responsive & innovative design support
Bespoke solutions & problem solving
CAE - Non-linear FEA, 3D CAD
Material development & analysis
Dynamic testing
Product performance analysis
Short lead-times
In house manufacturing
Small batch capability
Zero defect quality control
Full batch traceability & laser marking
Supply chain management
On time delivery
Project Management
Complete Design Service
Ongoing technical support
Highly skilled and experienced workforce

How can we help you?

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How we do it

Race-Tec has the know-how to provide tailor made sealing solutions to meet with
the vigorous requirements of modern day motorsport.

Finite Element Analysis Manufacturing Testing

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