Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis [FEA] is a computer based method used by Race-Tec for simulating/analysing the behaviour of engineering structures and components under a variety of conditions.

It is an advanced engineering tool that is used in design and to minimise the need for experimental testing.  F.E.A helps to predict how a product or system will react to the application of forces, load cycling, fatigue, vibration and thermal effects.

As specialists in the design and manufacture of mechanical and polymer components Race-Tec understands the value in predicting how a product will perform in use. FEA can be used to design new products, refine an existing product or to ensure that the design will be able to perform to specification prior to manufacture.

Our simulation capabilities help to predict and improve product performance and reliability, reduce physical prototyping/testing, evaluate different designs/materials, optimize designs and reduce material usage and cost.

A variety of programs are used to illustrate the behaviour of the analysis model including colour contour and vector plots, section cuts, isosurfaces, animations, graphs and text output. The results are interpreted and areas of improvement are investigated.

Race-Tec have worked with a wide variety of companies to develop all kinds of products by improving design and performance. For a more advanced explanation of FEA please see the Webinar – Simulation of High-Performance Sealing Products.

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