Water Pump Seals

Race-Tec has developed a Water Pump Seal that is able to cope with the harsh operating conditions of Formula 1 racing and helps to improve engine efficiency.

Pump speed and pressure create enough of a problem for water pump seals without the additional problem caused by the lack of lubrication from the coolant. Under-lip temperature conditions lead to the formation of silicates on the sealing lip, which acts as an abrasive.

Water Pump SealsRace-Tec Water Pump Seals replace mechanical face seals which create problems for motorsport design engineers in terms of performance, size and cost. Typical mechanical seals are made up from numerous components resulting in an assembly with a working height in excess of 10mm.

Extensive testing has resulted in a water pump seal capable of exceeding the performance of the mechanical seal, whilst also offering a more compact design.

This enables Race-Tec to offer Water Pump Seals able to cope with the most demanding applications. Offering:

  • Linear speeds of upto 14m·s-1
  • Operating pressures upto 7 bar(g).
  • Minimum radial section of 4.50mm.
  • Minimum axial width of 6.00mm.

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